Resident Services

Apartment Homes by Tonti strives to provide top-notch maintenance services by completing emergency requests within 24 hours. Nearly, 70% of routine service requests are completed within 72 hours of being reported. To submit a routine service request, you may call the community leasing office during normal business hours or complete the form below to submit your request via e-mail.

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Complementary Services

In addition to providing timely service, completed by industry professionals, the following items are available complementary to all residents. Please contact your community leasing office if you need any of the following:

  • Air Conditioning Filter (should be replaced monthly)
  • Specialty light bulbs (appliance, fluorescent, etc.)
  • Smoke detector battery
  • Fire extinguisher

Emergency Services

If you have an Emergency Service Request, please call your community leasing office immediately and a representative will be in contact with you. Emergency Service Requests include:

  • Fire-Please call 911 prior to calling our emergency service
  • Flooding (Not storm related)
  • Complete electrical outage (Resident must first contact Entergy)
  • Broken or non-working windows, exterior doors or locks
  • No water
  • Water leaking from a/c unit, water heater, broken water line, etc.Plumbing back up
  • Limited Access Gates not opening
  • Resident locked out ($75.00 lock out fee and photo ID required)
  • Broken Pipes or any constant water leak that cannot be temporarily stopped

If your request meets any of the above criteria, please call your community leasing office for immediate assistance.